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What kind of food packaging bags can be heated?

Now people are using plastic packaging, and some people also heat their milk in the hot water, and heat food or beverages in a microwave oven. Many plastic foods packaging bags have a plastic smell when heated. So what kind of food packaging bags can be heated?

Usually the food packaging bags for food are made from PE or PP, which are generally safe to be soaked in hot water and heated. In addition, some other compound additives are also added to the packaging bags of many foods.

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High temperature retort bag is a composite plastic film bag that can be heat treated. It has the advantages of both canned containers and boiling water resistant plastic bags. The food can be left intact in the bag, sterilized and heated at high temperature (usually at 120~135°C), and taken out to eat. A retort pouch is an ideal sales packaging container. It is suitable for the packaging of meat and soy products, is convenient, hygienic and practical, and can well maintain the original flavor of the food, which is favored by consumers.

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The main material of the high temperature cooking bag is cooking grade CPP (Retortable CPP Film, RCPP for short). RCPP has excellent heat resistance. Since PP is softer at about 140°C, this type of film can be used in hot filling, retort pouches, aseptic packaging and other fields. With excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and grease resistance, it has become the preferred material in the fields of bread product packaging or laminate materials. Its contact with food is safe and will not affect the flavor of the food inside.

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