What kind of packaging bags are used for custom rice?

January 26, 2023

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Unlike rice, rice is protected by chaff, so rice packaging bags are particularly important. The anti-corrosion, insect-proof, and quality-guaranteed transportation of rice all rely on packaging bags. At present, rice packaging bags are mainly cloth bags, woven bags, and plastic bags. How to choose rice packaging bags for custom rice?Different usage scenarios require different packages. To choose a packaging bag that suits you, you must first understand the difference between these packaging bags.Because the sacks and cloth bags are very air permeable and prone to mold, they cannot protect the rice well. Therefore, these two materials are rarely used in rice packaging.Plastic woven bags: Plastic woven bags are used to pack rice. The packaging method is simple and moisture-proof. Compared with gunny bags, the light insulation is better, but rice is still prone to mold. Plastic woven bags are suitable for customers with large quantities and short storage times, such as food factories, Porridge factory and so on.There is also a kind of composite plastic: composite plastic packaging made of composite materials can be treated with nitrogen and vacuum. This material has the characteristics of good insect-proof, mildew-proof and moisture-proof effects. It can also preserve fragrance and freshness, and the rice storage time is relatively long. There are many customers who customize low-end rice, so this material is used the most. We all know that plastic is difficult to degrade, and the use meets national standardsGB/T21661-2008Plastic bags are called environmentally friendly plastic bags. Plastic bags with degradable masterbatch added during the production of plastic bags are called degradable plastic bags. Degradable plastic bags90Tianhou can be automatically decomposed under certain conditions. It is hoped that its use will help reduce or eliminate white pollution.There is also a kind of rice packaging canned packaging, which is also better moisture-proof, insect-proof, and mold-free. Rice is refrigerated, shelled and canned, and nitrogen-filled canned freshness lock technology is adopted, so there is no need to worry about the problem of air leakage in the packaging, which adds another guarantee for everyone’s health. The shelf life of the pop-top cans is longer. It can be kept fresh for one month if it is opened, and it will keep fresh for one year if it is not opened, so as to preserve the freshness and nutrition of every grain of rice. Even more intimate is a can of rice+can of water, boiled3~4A bowl of rice is just the amount for a family. But the cost is higher.

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