What kind of plastic packaging bags are generally used for convenient fast food packaging bags?

January 17, 2023

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With the acceleration of people’s life rhythm, people’s demand for convenient and fast food is increasing, and some traditional foods are developing and launching various convenient and fast food packaging foods, such as cold noodle, stewed noodles, vermicelli, snail powder, etc., now it is easy to buy their convenient instant food packs, which brings great convenience to our life. So, what kind of plastic packaging bags are generally used for convenience and instant food?First of all, it needs to be explained that there are many materials and packaging methods that can be used to make instant food packaging bags, but relatively speaking, more convenient and instant foods are packaged in plastic packaging bags, because plastic packaging bags are light, space-saving, waterproof, etc. Excellent performance, but also easy to carry and circulate. Here we mainly talk about the related issues of convenient instant food plastic packaging bags.1. It is recommended to choose high-temperature resistant and retortable plastic packaging bags for convenient and fast food packaging bags that need to be reheated or processed before they can be eaten.Liangpi, stewed noodles, snail noodles and other convenient instant foods generally need to be opened and heated before eating. Therefore, it is more convenient to choose high-temperature retortable plastic packaging bags for reheating. Now many Liangpi can be packaged for microwave For heating, transparent high-temperature resistant retort bags are generally used, but it should be noted that if you use a microwave oven to heat food with packaging, you cannot use high-temperature resistant retort packaging bags made of aluminum foil, so if your product uses aluminum foil For high temperature resistant retort packaging bags, please be sure to carry out very obvious warnings and reminders on the outer packaging.2. Powdered convenience foods such as meal replacement powder and enzymes can be packaged in easy-to-tear film packaging bags.Easy-to-tear film is a commonly used material for plastic packaging bags. The advantage of easy-to-tear film is that it is very easy to tear. Like coffee bars, meal replacement powder, enzymes, etc. that we often eat, we usually use easy-to-tear film packaging bags. , It is very convenient for consumers to open and eat anytime, anywhere.3. For ready-to-eat instant food that does not need to be reprocessed, you can choose vacuum packaging bags.Vacuum packaging bags can extend the shelf life of products to a certain extent, and at the same time, after vacuuming, the volume of products becomes smaller, which is very convenient for people to store and carry.4. It is recommended to use zipper packaging bags for dried and processed instant food.After the zipper packaging bag is opened, it can also be sealed twice, which can effectively prevent food from getting wet. For example, some meal replacement nuts, biscuits, etc., using zipper packaging bags is a more suitable choice.

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