What kinds of materials are there for flour bags? Is it better to use non-woven fabrics or plastic bags for flour?

January 12, 2023

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In daily life, some flour is prepared in many family kitchens. But what should you pay attention to when choosing flour? Do you know how to choose high-quality flour? What kind of packaged flour is good for storage? Today, I will share with you a method of choosing flour packaging, which solves the troubles of many families.Common flour small packages on the market include non-woven packaging and plastic bag packaging.50catty,25kgOf course, the flour packaging is packed in woven bags.Non-woven flour bags are different from ordinary non-woven bags. It is not necessary to choose a fabric that is slightly soft and has good tension. It does not mean that the harder the handle, the better. Many customers have misunderstandings about this. Observe the fabric with the naked eye to see the irregular tension distribution, that is: do not choose fabrics with obvious vertical or horizontal textures. Because the flour is not as random as ordinary non-woven promotional bags, only bags with good tension can bear better load. most of the time2.5kgSelection of Non-woven Flour Bags75g/m2the fabric,5kgSelection of Non-woven Flour Bags80g/m2the fabric,10kgSelection of Non-woven Flour Bags90g/m2There is no need to choose more non-woven fabrics, so as not to increase too much cost. (Special reminder: Because of the different fabric making techniques, fabrics that feel thick and hard to the touch do not necessarily mean that they are really high in weight!) “Flour preservation is not easy,In spring, autumn and winter, it is best to use plastic bags,Especially in summer, plastic bags should be used. Summer rainy, high temperature, high humidity,Flour is not only prone to insects in cloth bags,It is also easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate,Mildew caused by microbial contamination,It can be said that summer is the most difficult period of the year to preserve flour. If the noodles are served in plastic bags,use”Plastic insulates against oxygen”The principle of separating the flour from the air,This kind of flour is not easy to get insects,Not damp and moldy. but,Flour that has been damp can no longer be put in plastic bags. “good flour plastic packaging bag must have one of the following characteristics. First of all, the quality of the packaging bag must be good, and it must be safe enough. Generally speaking, there are certain requirements for bags. That is, the bag must have sufficient thickness to withstand a certain amount of pressure. And in many cases, when the bag is designed, it needs to have enough humanized design, that is, there must be something convenient for consumers to lift on the bag.

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