What kinds of materials are there for rice bags? Is it better to use plastic vacuum bags or woven bags for rice?

January 5, 2023

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With the rapid economic development,With the convenience of goods circulation, there are more and more options for rice packaging, among which vacuum packaging bags and woven bags are the main ones. Rice packaging chooses vacuum packaging bags,Still a woven bag?Personal suggestion, no matter what product packaging, you should choose the packaging bag based on your own product performance and positioning. What is the difference between rice vacuum packaging bags and rice woven bags?Rice vacuum plastic packaging bag packaging features: 1.Reduce the storage packageO2concentration. 2.Inhibits the respiration strength of rice and the reproduction of mold. 3.Prevent rice from stale, moldy, and infested with insects.The rice is packed in vacuum bags, which can reduce theO2Concentration, inhibit the respiration intensity of rice and the reproduction of mold, prevent rice aging, mold, insects, etc., and better maintain the quality of rice. At present, the vacuum degree selected for rice vacuum packaging is generally in the-0.07~-0.09kPabetween. Due to the high degree of vacuum, the packaging material tightly wraps the rice, and the packaging bag is easily punctured by the rice grains, resulting in the failure of the vacuum packaging. During the circulation process, the friction, collision and drop between bags can easily cause the bag to break. Therefore, the fresh-keeping packaging of rice must be combined with the circulation environment, so as to achieve good results. Rice woven bag packaging features: 1.The effect of insect-proof, mildew-proof and fresh-keeping on rice is relatively worse than that of vacuum packaging bags. 2Generally, it can only accommodate food. 3The plastic woven bag has strong tensile strength, and this kind of packaging is often used for rice with heavy packaging weight.

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