What material is suitable to make a flat bottom bag?

October 14, 2022


What material is suitable to make a flat bottom bag?

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  1. BOPP: It has good printing performance, high transparency, tensile resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, – 40 ℃ – 120 ℃;
  2. PET: with good printability and tensile resistance, heat resistance of 60-150 degrees, good air tightness, suitable for cooking, no heat sealing;
  3. CPP: It has good luster, good transparency, good heat sealing, and is widely used. However, CPP is not cold-resistant and will become brittle under low-temperature environments. In addition, CPP cast high-temperature film is suitable for cooking and packaging;
  4. PE: transparent, good luster, heat sealing, cold resistance. It can also be processed into various functional films as required, with many functions.
  5. Nylon PA: colorless, transparent, and soft than BOPP, cold resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, and can be cooked. It is easy to absorb moisture and has no heat sealing property;
  6. Aluminum foil: It has the advantages of being moisture-proof, airtight, shading, abrasion resistant, fragrance protection, non-toxic and tasteless. After the aluminum foil is compounded with plastic and paper, the shielding property of aluminum foil is integrated with the strength of paper and the thermal sealing property of plastic, which further improves the shielding property of water vapor, air, ultraviolet light, and bacteria necessary for packaging materials. The use of aluminum foil packaging materials can ensure that food will not deteriorate for at least one year.

The material laminated structure of the flat bottom bag:

  2. PET/PE
  3. PET/AL/PE
  4. MOPP/kraft paper/PET or PETAL/PE
  5. kraft paper/PET/PE
  6. Kraft paper/biodegradable PLA

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flat bottom bag22.10.14

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