What material is the high temperature cooking bag made of?

January 14, 2023

Feynman yltpacking.com

As we all know, high-temperature retort bags are plastics that can withstand high-temperature cooking and have high barrier properties. Today I will introduce to you another relatively common high-temperature-resistant material. This material is used in the plastic packaging material industry, especially for food. The packaging industry occupies an important position. This material can withstand high-temperature cooking and has high barrier properties. The film made of it has been widely used in China, and the well-known one is ham sausage casing. This material is calledPVDC.PVDCMulti-layer co-extruded composite film is mainly used in the packaging field with strict restrictions and requirements on oxygen and water vapor transmission.High-temperature cooking bags, you can literally understand it literally, it is placed on a pot for high-temperature cooking, but the cooking temperature should be controlled at135°C,121°CWithin, the cooking time is30-40For the best, the more commonly used materials are NinonNYComposite cooking gradeCPPthat isRCPP, and NinonNYComposite pure aluminumALComposite cooking gradeCPPthat isRCPP.RCPPis cookingCPPmembrane. it’s better than normalCPPThe film has better heat resistance and can withstand121degrees and higher temperatures. for some needs121Bags sterilized at a temperature above 100°C can be usedRCPPup.Generally, there are two types of high-temperature retort bags, one is transparent and the other is opaque. The difference between them is the same as that between aluminum foil bags and vacuum bags. The retort aluminum foil bag has an extra layer of aluminum foil than the retort vacuum bag. The material of the cooking aluminum foil bag is:pet+al+cpp\ny+al+cpp, another material:pet+cpp/bopa+pe, the thickness is determined according to the requirements, the bag style: three-side seal, middle seal, sealed, self-sealed, etc., the temperature resistance: “=135°C.

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