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What materials are used for frozen food bags

There are many frozen food packaging bags on the market, such as dumplings, fish balls, meat and other different types of frozen food. So, what are the common structures of frozen food packaging materials? Which is better?

1.PET / PE, BOPP / PE, BOPP / CPP: these material structures are very common, the cost is relatively low, and the moisture-proof, cold resistance and low-temperature heat sealing performance are relatively good.

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2.PET / VMPET / CPP, BOPP / VMPET / CPP: the existence of aluminized layer in the structure of these materials, although the surface printing effect is good, the low-temperature heat sealing performance is slightly poor and the relative cost is relatively high, so the utilization rate is not high.

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3.NY / PE, PET / NY / LLDPE, PET / NY / Al / PE, NY / PE: NY (nylon) has good puncture resistance, freezing resistance and impact resistance. It is generally used in frozen foods with edges and corners, bones or heavy weight.

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In addition, some will use pure PE bags to make the outer packaging of simple frozen food. When customizing frozen food packaging bags, the appropriate material structure should be determined according to the characteristics of the contents and the storage mode.