What properties does the material of the “packaging bag” tea packaging bag correspond to?

December 30, 2022

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When it comes to tea, everyone must know that China’s tea products are very rich, and tea packaging bags are also a very common packaging bag in our daily life. The tea bags are required to be environmentally friendly, beautifully printed, moisture-proof, anti-itch and good sealing performance. So, do you know what are the materials of tea packaging bags? One: PET/VMPET/PE, which are high-density, high-barrier and light-shielding vacuum bags made of three-layer plastic film, commonly known as polyester aluminized bags. It often appears in tea packaging in our lives. Two: PA/PE, respectively made of nylon and high-pressure vacuum-packed, with puncture resistance, tensile strength, high density and moisture resistance. It can be transparent or printed in an opaque vacuum bag, which is also very suitable for tea packaging. Three: PA/AL/PE, which are composed of three materials respectively, usually called aluminum foil packaging bags. Compared with the above two types, the density is higher and the barrier performance is better, but the cost is relatively high. Clients are generally not advised. Use this vacuum bag to pack tea leaves. Of course, if our customers have higher requirements for our products, we can consider choosing this material. However, in some high-end teas, it is very common to use such aluminum foil bags to package tea. What is described above is “what performance does the material of the “packaging bag” tea packaging bag correspond to? “‘s entire content.

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