What should be paid attention to in jujube packaging design?

January 18, 2023

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People depend on food, and any food has its nutritional value, such as red dates. The biggest advantage of eating jujube is that it is rich in vitamins, and it has the magical effect of beautifying and nourishing the skin, nourishing yin and nourishing yang. It can improve the body’s immunity, and can also inhibit the occurrence of cancer and other diseases. In addition, there are many benefits for women or the elderly to eat red dates. Red dates are rich in calcium and iron, which play a very important role in preventing osteoporosis and treating postpartum anemia. It is rich in vitaminCIt can turn excess cholesterol in the human body into bile acid and reduce the probability of gallstones. In addition, the rutin in jujube can also soften blood vessels, thereby helping to lower blood pressure. No wonder people often say that eating three scorpions on the sun will never look old. Compared with other foods, red dates have many benefits, so how to appreciate the packaging design of red dates? Let us explore below.First of all, the growth environment of jujube must be non-polluting alkaline sandy soil. Such a soil environment combined with strong light and heat resources will make red dates show particles rich in mineral elements. The growth environment of each red date is the essence of nature. Therefore, in terms of packaging design, jujube will definitely highlight the greenness and health of the natural environment, and it will be accompanied by words to explain its growth environment, giving people a feeling of safe consumption.Secondly, compared with other products, jujube has a happy red skin color and full granules, so most packages will use the happy red background, and its flesh is very thick, and it tastes very sweet. There are more protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and so on. It can play the role of nourishing blood and promoting qi, bodybuilding and plumping muscles. Jujube is a tonic in autumn and winter, and it will also give people a pleasing feeling. It is more suitable to use red as the background for iron and blood.Again, jujube packaging design will also pay attention to the selection of environmentally friendly materials. In this era where everyone pays attention to environmental protection and greenness, the design of packaging bags and boxes will also give the product itself a sense of mystery. Green and environmentally friendly packaging bags will give people a sense of hygiene, especially for food, which will make people feel more at ease when eating. And in terms of processing, jujube itself is a fruit picked from the tree, and it is easy to produce some dust and impurities. At this time, it is easy to see the jujube itself through screening, cleaning and manual processing to show it transparently in front of people. Consumers can use their naked eyes to identify whether it is the product they want to buy. From the size of the jujube, the quality of the flesh, whether the grains are full, etc., consumers can directly screen, so as to choose the jujube they are satisfied with. , Even after eating, the packaging bag can be decomposed naturally without causing pollution to the environment.

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