What should good product packaging look like?

January 21, 2023

Feynman yltpacking.com

Good packaging, easier to sell. Good packaging will reflect the following points: 11. Carry out market demand research and consumer positioning through products, and then consider packaging design. 21. The packaging reflects the characteristics of the product and the cultural connotation of the enterprise, and establishes resonance with consumers. 3, Packaging product information disclosure related laws and regulations. 4, The packaging appearance design is novel and creative, easy to be eye-catching and recognized.The basic value meaning of packaging bags is to pursue economic benefits through selling well, followed by expanding the function of packaging bags, such as the function of communication’Packaging is a tool for advertising’, so as to enhance the user impression, as well as environmental protection function, easy to recycle. The design of food packaging bags not only needs to meet the needs of consumers and market trends, but also needs to improve the design level and analyze consumer behavior in depth.

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