Which is the best material for beef jerky packaging bags?

January 7, 2023

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Beef is one of the main meat products in China, second only to pork. Beef has high protein content and low fat content. It tastes delicious and is loved by people.”favorite”reputation. Beef jerky contains a variety of minerals and amino acids needed by the human body, which not only maintains the chewy flavor of beef, but also keeps it from deteriorating for a long time. The production of beef jerky must first choose_raw material,Followed by the production process and production time,When drying, the time of sunshine has to be considered, and the procedures must be closely checked, especially for beef jerky products produced by many enterprises, the requirements for product packaging are_So, which is the best material for beef jerky packaging bags?Combined with meat products, the packaging requires high barrier and impermeability to prevent the oil from leaking out, and also requires the packaging to have a good function of preventing air leakage. From the current point of view, nylon vacuum bags and aluminum foil vacuum bags are both_It is suitable for the packaging of beef jerky. Here, the editor recommends that beef jerky manufacturers choose aluminum foil vacuum bags for product packaging. The main reasons are as follows: 1, Starting from the product image, the packaging image of the aluminum foil vacuum bag is more advanced. As a product with a higher unit price, the packaging grade_consistent with the selling price. 2, From the perspective of printing needs, the printing of aluminum foil bags has more options, and the printing area of packaging bags is larger, so there is more room for design. 3, From the perspective of product performance, the beef is relatively soft and has no edges and corners, so there is no need to consider the phenomenon that the product will puncture the packaging, and the shapes and styles that can be designed for aluminum foil bags are also relatively rich, and different bag types can be designed according to more needs.

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