Why are food eight side sealed plastic packaging bags so expensive?

January 1, 2023

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Eight-side-sealed plastic packaging bag is a kind of bag type of gravure printing composite flexible packaging, which is currently mainly used in the packaging of some products with relatively high added value. When customizing plastic packaging bags, we will find that plastic packaging bags with the same size and material are much more expensive. So, why are plastic packaging bags with eight sides sealing so expensive?First of all, let’s take a look at the advantages of eight-side sealed plastic packaging bags? Knowing the advantages and why the eight-side-seal plastic packaging bag is so expensive, you can make a reasonable choice according to your actual needs. 1, Eight-side-sealed plastic packaging bags have more printing surfaces. The eight-side sealed plastic packaging bag can be printed at least6In this way, there is more area on the outside of the plastic packaging bag to print content, which is convenient for you to use richer patterns and text to explain and promote your products. 2, The eight-side-sealed plastic packaging bag is easy to place. The finished product of the eight-side-sealed plastic packaging bag is square and square. It can stand, lie horizontally, or place sideways. Each side has a certain area, and there is space for printing content. In a business where every inch of land is expensive When placed on the super shelf, there are more ways to place it. 3Eight side-sealed plastic packaging bags can use a variety of color printing processes. Since the eight-side-sealed plastic packaging bag has many printable surfaces, a variety of printing processes with different display effects can be used to make the packaging bag look more beautiful and unique.After understanding the unique advantages of eight-side-seal plastic packaging bags, let’s see why eight-side-seal plastic packaging bags are so expensive? 11. It is very difficult to make bags for eight-side-sealed plastic packaging bags. Compared with three-side-sealed plastic packaging bags, the bag-making procedures for eight-side-sealed plastic packaging bags are very cumbersome. 21. The bag-making machine for eight-side-sealed plastic packaging bags is very expensive, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions, so generally only large-scale plastic packaging bag manufacturers will have eight-side-sealed bag-making machines. 31. In the bag making process of eight side-sealed plastic packaging bags, the reject rate is very high, reaching20-50%There are many, and the high rate of scrap is unavoidable. 44. Eight-side-sealed plastic packaging bags will increase a lot in the amount of materials used due to more folding times.Therefore, if it is a plastic packaging bag with the same capacity, the eight-sided sealing plastic packaging bag not only has a larger minimum order quantity, but also has a higher unit price.

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