Why choose aluminum foil cooking bags for seafood high-temperature cooking bags?

January 8, 2023

Feynman yltpacking.com

Why do seafood high-temperature cooking bags choose to use aluminum foil bags? Seafood products need high-temperature sterilization after packaging. These ordinary packaging bags cannot meet this demand. This requires special high-temperature cooking bags. If it is not a high-temperature cooking bag, it cannot be used. Retort bags can only be used in aluminum foil bags. Ordinary packaging bags cannot be cooked at high temperatures, otherwise they are easy to break. Let’s follow the editor of the aluminum foil bag manufacturer to find out.First, the aluminum foil bag has good sealing performance and strong barrier performance. The number of pinholes on aluminum foil is less. But if it has a pinhole, then its barrier is much lowered, and gas and light pass through quickly and directly, and what’s inside changes very quickly. In general, the thicker the foil, the fewer pinholes. E.g,7μmThe number of pinholes in thick aluminum foil should be less than200indivual/m2;9μmThe number of pinholes in thick aluminum foil should be less than100indivual/m2No matter how thick the aluminum foil is, the pinhole diameter cannot be larger than20μm.2. Aluminum foil bag food safety grade, high cleanliness, no oil and dust, high surface tension, should reach72Mn/mabove..An easy way is to test with distilled water. The distilled water should completely wet the aluminum foil. If the surface of the aluminum foil is seriously oiled, it will affect the composite fastness of the aluminum foil and other materials, especially after the packaging bag is cooked at high temperature, delamination will occurThird, the material of the aluminum foil bag is soft and easy to crack, so it should have good toughness. The purchased aluminum foil should be kept in a dry state and should not be left for too long. It should be used as soon as possible to avoid moisture absorption, oxidation and deformation of the aluminum foil.Aluminum foil is a metal, mostly thick9μm (or7μmthick)The soft aluminum foil used for cooking bags. It has excellent moisture resistance, gas barrier and light fastness. Without mechanical damage and pinholes, it is completely impermeable to moisture, air and light and is extremely heat and oil resistant. Therefore, the composite packaging bag containing aluminum foil bag has the functions of full sealing, high fragrance retention, high oil resistance and high temperature resistance.

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