Why do coffee beans use the valve bag?

April 29, 2022


Why do coffee beans use the valve bag?

The roasted coffee beans are sealed and packaged in aluminum foil bags, which can prevent the coffee beans from contacting with light and air, resulting in the rapid release of aroma and oxidation.

The “one-way valve” coffee bag can isolate the light and air intrusion outside the packaging bag, so that the coffee beans can keep the fresh and original taste of the coffee beans in the best preservation and packaging state.

The roasted coffee beans will naturally emit carbon dioxide. If they accumulate in the packaging bag, the quality of the coffee beans will be affected. Squeeze the packaging bag to smell the fragrance.

This kind of packaging is to design a double-layer structure valve made of film on the sealing bag of the packaging bag. After the roasted beans are loaded, the carbon dioxide gas generated after roasting will be discharged from the valve, and the outside gas cannot enter the bag, which can effectively Maintain the original aroma and essence of roasted coffee beans. This is the most recommended packaging method for roasted coffee beans. When purchasing, you should try to choose coffee products with this packaging.

In layman’s terms, this valve can only go in and out. After the coffee beans are roasted, carbon dioxide and other gases will be generated, which need to be slowly discharged. The one-way exhaust valve is encapsulated on the coffee bag, and a hole is made on the surface of the bag where the one-way valve is encapsulated, so that the carbon dioxide released from the roasted coffee beans can be automatically discharged out of the bag, but the outside air cannot enter the bag. It effectively guarantees the dryness and mellow flavor of the coffee beans, and will not cause the bag to expand due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide, and at the same time prevent the coffee beans from being infiltrated by the outside air and accelerated oxidation.

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