Will rice in vacuum plastic bags have rice worms?

January 19, 2023

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Will rice in vacuum plastic bags have rice worms?Vacuum-packed rice generally does not have rice worms. If you want to store food, it is recommended to buy vacuum-packed rice, which has a long shelf life and can be stored. However, the vacuum-packed rice after opening the bag is the same as ordinary rice, and needs to be ventilated in a cool place. Save it, if it is not opened, there will be no rice worms.1. Will rice worms grow in vacuum-packed rice?Vacuum-packed rice will not have insects in the hot summer environment, rice insects are mainly caused by humid environment, easy to breed bacteria and fungi, and vacuum packaging can isolate the air, and prevent the rice from being damp and free from insects, if present Vacuum-packed rice cannot be eaten if there is air leakage or odor.2. Will vacuum-packed rice affect the taste?Won’t.There is no difference between vacuum-packed rice and ordinary bulk rice. It may have higher nutritional value. The most important thing is that it is convenient for storage. You don’t have to worry about problems such as insects and deterioration, but you should pay attention to whether there is air leakage in vacuum-packed rice, otherwise it will also deteriorate. Happening.3. How to store vacuum-packed rice after opening the bag 1.If you want to preserve the taste and quality of new rice, you can store the rice in a low temperature environment, such as in the refrigerator, which is a better way to reduce the oxidation of rice oil and the reproduction of rice worms. But be careful, once you put the rice in the refrigerator, you can’t take it out and store it at room temperature. Because the temperature change will make the surface of the rice absorb water, become damp and easy to deteriorate. 2.It is recommended to store the rice after opening the bag in a low-temperature, dry, and ventilated place, such as a balcony in the shade of the house, a cool place, etc., and it can usually be preserved2months. If rice is kept in clay pots, it will be stored longer. 3.It is recommended that after opening the vacuum bag2Eat rice within a month. At the same time, observe whether there are insects in the rice bag, whether there is any peculiar smell, and whether the rice is discolored. It is recommended not to eat unqualified rice. Because if aflatoxin is produced in rice, it has carcinogenic effect.

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