Advantages and Features of Child-Resistant Zipper Bags

September 14, 2022

Advantages and Features of Child-Resistant Zipper Bags

A zipper bag is a common tool for storing items in daily life. It can be used to load documents and medicines and other items. It can play a good sealing role.

The bag is provided with a zipper in the opening part, which is convenient to use and is very popular among consumers. The zipper bag usually also has a zipper head to open or close the zipper. However, due to the ordinary zipper head, children can open it at will, resulting in the memory of the zipper bag. The stored items are exposed and affect safety of the items.

In the world, 26.1% of the total number of deaths caused by accidental injury is in children. Among them, children’s accidental ingestion is the most common. For food and another packaging, plastic flexible packaging occupies a large proportion of the total.

Heavy, Shenzhen Yongliantai Plastic Bag Products Co., Ltd. specially launched a child-proof zipper bag, which can effectively prevent children from opening and effectively prevent children from eating by mistake.

Our bags use invisible zipper bags, which are opened by a three-point-one dislocation method to prevent children from accidentally eating dangerous items and causing injury. Child-resistant lock pull Chain bag product features:

1, The lock head specially designed for children is not easy for children to open.

2, the password is strengthened

3, beautiful and practical

Child-proof zipper bags are favored by overseas markets and are mainly used in tobacco, medicine, and other industries.

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