Flat bottom zipper bag (5)
Flat bottom zipper bag

Flat bottom zipper bag

Flat bottom zipper is also called Quad seal bag , flat bottom pouch or box pouch. The expandable side gussets provide enough room for more volume and capacity of the content making, it could pack for all kinds of products, like coffee, PET food , food, fruits,vegetables,candy. Flat bottom zipper bag material could be biodegradable and recycle.

About Us

  1. Easily printable on all the four sides, up to 9 colors each side
  2. For premium products packagings, like high-quality coffee or pet foods
  3. Can be added with standard and tap zipper, valve, laser scoring, handle
  4. Matte and Glossy treatment on the surface
  5. 100% FDA & biodegradable material