Analysis of the main points of food packaging bag design

December 8, 2022


For products, the design of the outer packaging bag is the visual image display and the key to consumers’ first impression of the product. It not only needs to perfectly reflect the concept, selling point, style and audience range of the product to attract the corresponding audience into the consumption circle, but also needs to add some planning and design concepts to increase the points of the outer packaging bag and attract some non-potential consumers. The food industry is saturated with products and homogenization is very serious. If you want to stand out among similar products, the uniqueness of the packaging is also very necessary! Food packaging function: In the development of modernization, food can basically only be sold after packaging and transferred to consumers. Outer packaging bags are more and more integrated with commodities, and commodities are the medium and means to realize the value of urban commodities. 1. Many products, especially food products, do not have any visual aesthetics. at this time

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