AnalysisPEand nylon plastic bags

December 3, 2022


PeBags and nylon bags are both plastic bags. What is the difference between these two plastic bags? PEBags are divided into high density and low density.POThe bag made of the material has a lower gloss and a slightly harder texture. It can be shaken gently by hand, and the rattling sound can be heard. Bags made of polyethylene plastic packaging materials have better gloss and softer texture. It is gently shaken by hand, and the sound is very small. These two materials are non-toxic and tasteless, hygienic and safe.Nylon bags are bag-like containers made of nylon. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and strong. It can be reused and washed with water. Nylon bags are made of durable material with a wide range of practical properties. Ordinary shopping bags, backpacks, thermal insulation bags, etc. are all nylon bags.Due to the different materials of these two plastic bags, their characteristics are also different.

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