Home » Designers need to design packaging bags according to the concerns of consumers

In addition to the color, shape and design concept in the packaging bag design process, consumers are also very concerned about whether it is convenient and practical, whether the packaging is convenient to carry, whether there is waste of materials, and so on. These are issues that consumers care about. Therefore, when designing packaging bags, it is necessary to do more research on consumers and products. Consumer psychology is the biggest market for marketing. The diversity and difference of consumer psychology determine that the outer packaging bags of commodities must have multiple emotional needs in order to attract specific consumer groups to generate expected purchase behavior. Shoppers want practical convenience. For example, it is convenient to choose transparent or windowed food packaging bags, convenient to use combination packaging, convenient to carry soft packaged drinks, etc. The convenience and ease of use of packaging bags increase the attractiveness of commodities, and convenience is a common consumer psychology. The main purpose of consumers is to pursue the actual use value of commodities, such as practicality and material benefits. When consumers buy goods, they pay attention to the quantity and utility of the goods, emphasizing economic and material benefits, durability, low price and good quality, and real prices. Consumption behavior is relatively stable and not easily affected by external factors. This kind of packaging bag design should clearly indicate the trademark, composition, size, price and instructions of the product so that consumers can see it at a glance. those forms