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Nowadays, plastic bags are widely used in Chinese supermarkets and markets, especially plastic shopping bags and food packaging bags have become almost indispensable necessities in daily life. Under this demand, more and more domestic manufacturers customize plastic bags. In order to win the favor of consumers and users in the market, how should plastic bag manufacturers design packaging for their products? The most common polyethylene plastic bag packaging is made of transparent material. The color of the content can be regarded as the complementary color of plastic bag printing. Therefore, the color of the content can be designed as a patterned background, various local landscapes, etc., as long as it can attract customers’ attention. The requirements for composite plastic bag packaging are relatively complicated. Plastic bag manufacturers basically design according to colorful styles, highlight product features, and improve packaging grades. Attention should also be paid to the printing of plastic bags. It is best to use bright colors. Although this will increase the cost of production, in order to attract the attention of customers, it is better to make it realistic. Generally, the lowest set of the four films, or the four colors commonly used in the industry, are produced. If you want to print plastic bags very realistically and beautifully, it is best to make seven sets of film, which is the meaning of seven color printing. Customizing the contents of the plastic bag is also key. The content on the bag and the customer’s product name can be designed to be larger, but it depends on the size of the plastic bag. It can also be handled artistically. Sometimes the text can be made smaller, but not so small that it cannot be seen. Text should also be legible. There are no strict rules for the text information on plastic bags, as long as there is no printing on the contact surface with food, the artistry of the text is developed and manipulated by the designer himself. The above is all about “how should different plastic bags be designed”. Hope to be of some help to you,