How to choose materials for food high temperature cooking bags?

January 15, 2023


With the development of my country’s economy, the prosperity of tourism and the rise of the Golden Week economy, people’s demand for convenience food is increasing. All kinds of soft cans and high-temperature cooking foods are not only diverse in variety but also in huge quantities. A large number of food packaging products with high barrier properties, high impact resistance, high temperature cooking resistance, high pressure resistance, and medium resistance have emerged as the times require, thus ensuring convenience food. Its freshness and nutrition prolong the shelf life of convenience food, and it is the best packaging material for soft cans.High temperature cooking can kill all bacteria (135℃), long storage period, high-barrier transparent bags have a storage period of about one year, and aluminum foil cooking bags have a storage period of about two years; oxygen and moisture permeability are close to zero, and food is not prone to spoilage; heat intensity is large; Can be stored at room temperature.Its raw materials mainly include:PET(byBOPETmainly),PA(byBOPAmainly),PP(byRCPPandSCPPmainly),AL(mainly aluminum foil), co-extrusionPAfilm, co-extrusionEVOHmembrane,PVDCCoated film, etc.2. Classification of high temperature cooking bags 1, classified by structure Akind:PA/CPP,PET/CPP. Water Vapor Permeability:≤15g/(m(-)4h); oxygen permeability:≤120cm/(m2(-)4h0.1HPa). Bkind:PA/AL/CPP,PET/AL/CPP. Water Vapor Permeability:≤0.5g/(m(-)4h); oxygen permeability:≤0.5cm/(m(-)4h0.1MPa). Ckind:PET/PA/AL/CPP,PET/AL/PA/CPP. Water Vapor Permeability:≤0.5g/(m(-)4 hours); oxygen permeability:≤0.5cm/(m(-)4h0.1MPa). 2Classified by cooking temperature (cooking time approx.30-45minutes) the relative pressure isPS110lb/in, the corresponding temperature is115cC; Shelf life approx.3months.The relative pressure isPs115lb/in, the corresponding temperature is121cC; Shelf life approx.6months.The relative pressure isPS120lb/in, the corresponding temperature is126cC; Shelf life approx.12months (clear bag).The relative pressure isPS130lb/in, the corresponding temperature is135cC; Shelf life approx.twenty fourmonths (foil pouch).Of course, the shelf life also has a lot to do with the barrier property of the retort bag and the type of food.3. Medium temperature cookingCPP(RCPP) and high temperature cooking CPPcooking gradeCPPThe main characteristics of the film are: good flatness required; high tensile strength; high heat-sealing strength; high heat-sealing temperature (requires high heat-sealing strength under high temperature and Puncture resistance and anti-package resistance under high temperature and pressure); moderate elongation at break; good medium resistance, etc.

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