How to design rice packaging bags and flour packaging bags?

January 10, 2023


Why do some packaging, consumers can’t put it down just by looking at it? Why can the same product be sold at different prices just by changing the packaging? Because the packaging carries the added value of the product. In recent years withlThe expansion of the grain market is becoming increasingly fierce, and consumers’ consumption concepts and aesthetics have undergone drastic changes. If the rice, flour, grain, and oil brands want to stand out in the current fierce grain market, drive consumers’ desire to buy, and carry out sales transformation, they must rely on a good brand. package of.What is the food industry”good packaging”?Highlight brand and product value, establish information hierarchyOptimizing product information and typographic organization is a key element in packaging design. Broadly speaking, the information level can be divided into the following levels: brand, product, variety, benefit. When designing the front of the package, it is necessary to first analyze the product information to be conveyed and sort it according to its importance, so as to establish an orderly and consistent information hierarchy, so that consumers can quickly find what they want among many products. products to achieve a satisfying consumer experience.Emphasize individual expression and shape visual focusWhen we first talked about the packaging design of rice and noodles, we should be able to highlight some key information of the product, and show the most valuable parts of rice and noodles to consumers in advance. In the packaging design, we can use large fonts, special fonts and color differences, etc. Means to highlight important information. At the same time, according to the brand positioning, it can be determined whether the main advantages of the product are ingredients, market positioning, consumer group positioning, etc. In addition to color, illustrations, shapes, and photographs can also be used to shape personality and visual focus for products, catch consumers’ attention, and establish emotional connections.Cleverly use the perspective window of the outer packaging to convey value with visual effectsFood gives people the impression of being clean and hygienic. When designing packaging, we can transform the sense of the product through transparent elements, and display the internal texture or ingredients of the product by setting transparent windows and transparent packaging. Get visual, intuitive confirmation when you get your product.

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