The Coca-Cola Company, founded on May 8th, 1886, and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (GA), is the world’s largest beverage company

Coca-Cola is a carbonated beverage containing caffeine produced by Coca-Cola company in the United States. Coca-Cola’s early translation in China was “tadpole gnawing wax”, but it was later renamed “Coca-Cola” due to poor sales. At present, Coca-Cola is in a leading position in markets all over the world, and its sales volume far exceeds that of Pepsi, its main competitor, and is listed in the Guinness world record. No one knows the formula of Coca-Cola until now except the holder’s family. Coca-Cola company will also strictly prevent its employees from stealing the formula.

Coca Cola

We worked with Coca-Cola from 2012, normal produce shape bags, three-sided sealed bags, and stand-up spout pouches to them for packing.