Mercedes-Benz is a world-famous German famous car brand. 

In January 1886, Carl Benz invented and patented the world’s the first three-wheeled car. At the same time, Gottlieb Daimler, another founder of Mercedes Benz, also invented the world’s the first four-wheeled car.

Mercedes Benz is the oldest manufacturer in the world and is famous for producing high-quality and high-performance luxury cars. It is also one of the top ten automobile companies in the world. Germany ranks first in terms of sales volume and second in terms of sales volume. It was founded in 1926 by Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, who is known as the “father of cars”. Mercedes Benz is considered to be one of the most successful high-end car brands in the world. Mercedes Benz is commendable for its perfect technical level, excellent quality standards, innovative ability to push through the old and bring forth the new, and a series of classic coupe styles. Internationally, the brand is usually referred to as Mercedes for short, while mainland China calls it “Mercedes Benz”, Taiwan translates it as “Benz”, and Hong Kong translates it as “Pingzhi”.

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Mercedes-Benz Packaging bag

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