“Packaging bag” analysis of various material characteristics of composite film

December 12, 2022

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“A brief analysis of the characteristics of various materials of the composite film” I believe that the composite film manufacturers who use plastic products to meet the requirements of the packaging bag have a certain understanding of the material of the product and know what kind of product is suitable for what kind of plastic composite packaging products, and have explored a lot of experience through continuous updating and replacement of materials during use, but some merchants will say, why some products are used well at ordinary times, but become unstable in cold winter? The performance of composite membrane materials directly affects the quality of food Storage life and taste changes. In vacuum packaging, choosing a good packaging material is the key to the success of the packaging. Because when it comes to vacuum packaging materials, it is very important to classify the materials. Composite film manufacturers say the following are suitable for composite films Material properties: First, polyethylene is suitable for low temperature use, RCPP is suitable for high temperature cooking. Second, enhance its strength and puncture resistance. Third, AL aluminum foil is used to improve barrier performance and light shading. From then on, polyester increases mechanical strength and has Excellent hardness. Finally, according to the requirements, it is composite and transparent in various properties. In order to improve the barrier performance, a waterproof polyvinyl alcohol high barrier coating is used. Take the nylon composite film as an example. As the name suggests, the composite film is made of nylon Made. In fact, it should be regarded as one of the more advanced packaging containers. At present, the vacuum packaging of nylon material still occupies a very important position in the market, and its market share is very large, because nylon material is tough and can be used Convenient. As long as it is sterilized after vacuuming, the shelf life and shelf life of food can be extended. The food packaging bags we usually use are made of BOPP compounded with CPP;. polyester compounded with chlorinated polypropylene;; BOPP compounded with polyethylene Materials; polyamide composite polyethylene composite polyester, etc. Among them, the finished bag made of BOPP composite CPP is transparent but relatively soft, the finished product of polyester composite CPP is transparent and has good hardness, and the finished product of polyethylene composite BOPP is thick but opaque, etc. We The polyester we are talking about here is the polyester mentioned in the title. As long as the material has the characteristics of good brightness, the food packaging bag made is quite strong, and it is hard and three-dimensional compared with products of the same thickness. In fact, see To the main characteristics of polyester film, we clearly know why polyester composite food packaging bags will crack and leak. The main reason is that the weather is cold in winter, and polyester film is a relatively transparent and brittle material. In cold weather, It is easy to break, leak and open. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not choose this type of food packaging bag in the cold season. The above is the whole content of “Analysis of the various material characteristics of the “packaging bag” composite film”.

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