“Packaging Bag Design” What are the principles and skills in the design of packaging bags?

December 8, 2022

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The outer packaging bag of the product can be said to be very common in daily life, and it is also an important part of many products. A good product packaging bag design can attract customers’ attention and fully stimulate their desire to buy. So, what are the principles and techniques when designing packaging bags? What are the principles when designing packaging bags? 1. Safety Ensuring the safety of goods and consumers is the most basic starting point of packaging design. In the design of product packaging bags, the safety protection measures for storage, transportation, display, carrying and use should be considered according to the attributes of the goods. Different products may require different packaging materials. When choosing packaging materials, the shock resistance, compression resistance, tensile resistance, extrusion resistance and wear resistance of the materials should be ensured, and attention should be paid to the sun protection, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, leakage prevention and combustion prevention of the products, so as to ensure that the products are safe under any circumstances. All in good condition. 2. Promotion Promotion of merchandise sales is one of the most important functional concepts in packaging design. In the past, when people bought goods, they mainly relied on the promotion and introduction of salespersons, but now self-selection in supermarkets has become the most common way for people to buy goods. In the process of consumers shopping, the design of the product packaging bag naturally plays the role of a silent advertisement or a silent salesman. A good product packaging bag design can attract consumers’ attention and fully stimulate their desire to buy. The design of product packaging bags should be market-oriented, consumers’ psychological needs and preferences-oriented, based on a full understanding of the market and consumers, and take their own advantages as the starting point, rather than designing packaging. Don’t design packaging for aesthetics, but for sales. What are some tips when designing packaging bags? 1. Selling products can meet the needs and belongings of consumers through packaging design. When a product is sold with a unique packaging design, it is easy to be replaced by competing products with sales appeal. This is to suppress the sales appeal of the product. For example, when a consumer chooses candies with the same price, will he choose a more festive brand or a brand that does not emphasize sales ideas? The results speak for themselves. A product is just a tool, what a customer buys is a product that has its benefits. Therefore, the packaging must clearly reflect the selling proposition of the product. 2. Everyone in the color consumer group has different feelings and understandings of color, and their acceptance of color is also different. This will all be influenced by the consumer’s education level, gender, age, customs and geography. We should fully understand and grasp the differences in consumers’ cultural level and other aspects, find the entry point, let the colors meet their respective aesthetic needs, and provide a solid foundation for stimulating the emotional resonance of colors. Packaging design should not aim at beauty. Marketing thinking must be integrated into packaging design. Only in this way can packaging design help you sell your goods and help you build your brand at a low cost. What is described above is “Packaging Bag Design” and what are the principles and skills in the design of packaging bags? “‘s entire content.

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