“Packaging Bag Design”Packaging bag design should resonate with consumers

December 25, 2022

Feynman yltpacking.com

When we drink tea and talk about packaging bag design, we usually consider the outer packaging of the product and some decorations of the product. But in fact, it is not the case! In the process of designing packaging bags, we should not only pursue the attractiveness and desire of buyers, but more importantly, let customers see what kind of product it is at a glance. For example, in the process of packaging bag design, increase transparency, so that people can see the product itself and stimulate customers’ desire to buy. Secondly, the material selection of packaging bags is also very important. In the process of selecting product packaging bags, environmental protection certified materials should be selected as the outer packaging of the product. There is also the color of the packaging bag, and the color related to the product should be selected for packaging bag design. So, choose the right color for buyers

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