“Packaging bags” Personalized packaging bag design products are more modern

December 16, 2022

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“Packaging bags” Personalized packaging bag design products are more modern: In today’s commodity market dominated by the buyer’s market, consumers’ subjective wishes have become one of the main factors considered by manufacturers. As for the subjective factors of consumers, I think that in today’s social development and progress, consumers not only use “satisfaction” to guide their subjective wishes, but also use “good” instead. Packaging products play a very good role in publicity. As a form of visual communication, designers’ design of packaging products has been closely related to culture and people’s lives since its creation. Today, people’s pursuit of culture is nothing more than advancing with the times and improving their image and status in social life. With the continuous expansion of the cultural consumption circle, cultural consumption has penetrated into all aspects of our social life. The phenomenon of cultural immigration has become the consumption trend of this era. Packaging bag design with cultural taste has undoubtedly injected new vitality into the modern product market economy, and also provided an excellent opportunity for the development and growth of enterprises. In the packaging bag industry, there are few large-scale enterprises and state-owned enterprises, many private enterprises are scattered, and the overall scale of the industry is small. At the same time, many foreign brands are invading the market. Many manufacturers will regard it as the best advertisement for their products, especially in today’s highly competitive sales of bag products. Only personalized packaging bag design can make the product more visual, lively and interesting! However, some of the graphics on the packaging are old and complex, lacking marketability and sense of the times, repetitive and lacking in personality. Ancient patterns such as dragon and phoenix can be seen everywhere. Tradition is neither retro nor plagiarism. The nation is not represented by drawing dragons and phoenixes, it should be endowed with new content, new life and new form, it should permeate the spirit, reflect the courage, tradition should be a style and fashion. Traditional patterns can be transformed with modern methods to make them more modern, symbolic and simple. As a professional packaging bag personalized custom digital printing production company with 19 years of experience in packaging bag production, yltpacking has advanced HP Indigo20000 digital printing equipment, which can undertake product packaging bag design in various industries and solve product marketing differences for your business Difficulty of transformation!

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