Plastic bags are not a panacea and need to be used reasonably

December 21, 2022


Plastic bags are an indispensable tool in daily life. They can hold various things, but some plastic bags also have things that cannot be held. For the sake of health, we must pay attention to the rational use of plastic bags.First of all, try not to use plastic bags to pack cooked food. When cooked food is packaged in plastic bags, food spoilage occurs. After eating, symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting and diarrhea are prone to occur. In addition, the plastic bag itself will also release harmful substances, which will accumulate in a sealed environment for a long time, and the concentration will increase over time, thereby contaminating the food in the bag and affecting human health, especially the health and development of children.Second, don’t use ultra-thin plastic bags. Ultra-thin plastic bags are light in weight and thin in thickness, but they have a strong carrying capacity, because plastic bag manufacturers add plasticizers that are extremely harmful to human health during the production process, and national laws and regulations also prohibit manufacturers from producing and selling Slim plastic bag.Finally, don’t use plastic bags to store alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic and oily foods will dissolve lead in polyvinyl chloride plastic bags, which are in50Food cannot be contained at temperatures above 100°F. In addition, consumers should use special food packaging bags, especially those with very dark colors, which may be reprocessed from recycled plastic, and should be firmly avoided on food packaging.Ordinary plastic bags cannot heat food in the microwave. Plastic bags are prone to carcinogens, which are very harmful to human health. Consumers should use a dedicated microwave oven to heat plastic film.

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