“Plastic Packaging Bags”Analysis of the advantages of plastic packaging bags over paper bags

December 12, 2022

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In daily life, the materials used for packaging are plastic packaging bags and paper bags, but in real life, the usage rate of plastic packaging bags is much higher than that of paper bags, so what are the advantages of plastic packaging bags compared with paper bags? The following yltpacking will explain to you why plastic packaging bags are better than paper bags. 1. Scope of application: Plastic packaging bags have more options than paper bags, and plastic packaging bags can be used for long-term storage of products. Paper bags are relatively weak in water and moisture resistance, which is not conducive to food preservation. So plastic bags are more practical. 2. Moisture resistance: paper bags have poor moisture resistance, and plastic bags have strong moisture resistance. 3. Protection performance: paper bags are easy to rot, plastic bags have high tensile strength, high elongation, and are not easy to be damaged. 4. Environmental protection: Although paper bags are easy to decompose, they will also cause serious damage to forests. The easily degradable environmentally friendly plastic bags are a little more expensive, but they will decompose themselves under the action of the biological environment after being discarded, which belongs to green packaging. The advantages of plastic packaging bags over paper bags are obvious, but when using plastic packaging bags, the recycling rate should be increased to reduce environmental pollution.

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