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The Difference Detween Retort Bags And Vacuum Bags

High temperature retort bags and vacuum bags are very common in the field of food packaging. Retort bags and vacuum bags are used to package various cooked foods and are very convenient to use. Today, Yuli Packaging will tell you the difference between high temperature retort bags and vacuum bags.

The high temperature retort bag is a laminated plastic film bag that can be heat treated. It has the advantages of both canned containers and boiling water resistant plastic bags. Food can be left intact in the bag, after high temperature (usually 120 ~ 135 ℃) sterilization heating, take out and eat.

The retort pouch has been proven to be an ideal sales packaging container for more than ten years. Suitable for the packaging of meat and soy products, convenient, hygienic and practical, and can be well maintained. The original flavor of the food is more favored by consumers.

Detween Retort Bags

Vacuum bags, also known as personal moisture-proof bags, aluminum foil bags, and aluminum-plastic composite bags, are generally made of PET/AL/CPE or PET/NY/AL/CPE. PET-printing effect is good, NY-Low oxygen permeability, AL – strong negative barrier, opaque to light, PE packaging inner layer, glue: water-soluble glue (more hygienic, environmentally friendly, no solvent residue) has better anti-static than the product Electricity, oxygen barrier, shielding, moisture-proof, shading function and excellent heat sealing.

Vacuum Bags

After the above introduction, do you have a clear understanding of retort bags and vacuum bags?

The material of the retort bag can be NY/PE、NY/AL/RCPP、KNY/PE, which is suitable for high temperature sterilization of cooked food such as meat ham, grilled fish, etc

While vacuum packaging bags are usually made of PA/PE or PA/RCPP, PET/PE or PET/PA/PE do not have the characteristics of high temperature cooking.

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