The importance of melon seed packaging bag design

January 3, 2023


New Years and holidays are good opportunities for melon seeds to sell well, so how can the packaging design of melon seeds double the sales during holidays??Factors considered in the packaging design of melon seeds 1.Product shape:There are mainly square, cylindrical, polygonal, special-shaped, etc. The packaging should be designed according to the appearance characteristics of the product, and the packaging is required to be small in size, well fixed, stable in storage, and meet the standardization requirements. 2.product strength:For products with low strength and easy damage, the protective performance of the packaging should be fully considered, and there should be obvious marks on the outside of the packaging. 3.product weight:For heavy products, special attention should be paid to the strength of the packaging to ensure that it is not damaged during circulation. 4.product structure:Different products often have different structures, some are not resistant to pressure, some are afraid of impact, etc. Only by fully understanding the product structure can we carry out suitable packaging for different products. 5.product value:The value of different products varies greatly, and those with high value should be given priority consideration.Melon seeds packaging design method 1.performance focus(melon seeds )The focus here refers to the concentration point of the performance content. Packaging design is carried out within a limited screen, which is a limitation of space. At the same time, the packaging is recognized by buyers in a short period of time during sales, which is limited in time. This kind of space-time limitation requires that the packaging design should not blindly seek perfection, and be comprehensive. Putting everything on it is equivalent to having nothing. 2.performance angleThis is the deepening after determining the expression form of melon seeds packaging, that is, after finding the main target, there must be a specific breakthrough. For example, focusing on trademarks and trademarks is to express the image, or to express a certain meaning of the trademark?If the product itself is the focus of performance, is it to show the external image of the product, or to show some internal attribute of the product??Is it to express the common components or to express its functional utility?Things have different cognition angles, and the expression is more concentrated on one angle, which will benefit the clarity of expression. 3.Expression techniqueIt is like the focus and angle of expression are like goals and breakthroughs, and the way of expression can be said to be a tactical issue. The focus and angle of performance are mainly to solve what to express. This is only half the problem. Good expression techniques and forms of expression are the vitality of design.Melon seeds packaging design”strong prototype “Melon seeds include different products such as sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, and pumpkin seeds, and the competition in the market segment is fierce. When faced with the same melon seeds, different packaging designs will give consumers different feelings. Packaging is the coat and facade of melon seeds, the direct information carrier of the brand, and the window through which consumers perceive the company. The packaging of melon seeds is not a simple pattern design, nor is it a prop that is passively completed to meet the requirements of laws and regulations.In order to make achievements in the market, differentiated packaging is the goal pursued by almost all enterprises. How to reflect the differentiation depends on how the brand strategy is positioned. The homogeneous competition of products is intensifying, and packaging has become a basic element of corporate self-presentation. How to make packaging more differentiated and more salesable, we have always insisted on seizing the market by mining the strategic core words of the company, so that melon seeds can bring Enter the market with potential energy to detonate the subconscious mind of consumption and make melon seeds products sell well.

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