The Requirements of Tea Packaging Bags

June 1, 2022

The Requirements of Tea Packaging Bags

Yongliantai Packaging focuses on the production of various types of food plastic flexible packaging bags, and has rich experience in the customization of various types of food plastic flexible packaging. The following Yongliantai food packaging manufacturers will show you the requirements of tea packaging bags:

Tea Packaging Bags

Tea packaging packaging requirements:

Anti-deterioration, anti-discoloration, anti-smell to prevent the oxidation of protein, chlorophyll, tea acid, and vitamin C contained in tea.

Tea Packaging Bags (2)

Design structure: BOPP/AL/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, KPET/PE

Design reasons: AL foil, VMPET and KPET are all materials with excellent barrier properties, and have good barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor and odor. AK foil and VMPET also have excellent light shielding properties. The price of the product is moderate.

Tea Packaging Bags (3)

The tea packaging bags produced by Yongliantai Packaging are favored by the majority of friends. If you need to know about tea packaging bags, please feel free to contact us!

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