The role of vacuum packaging bags for rice

January 24, 2023


When buying rice, there are always such entangled problems. Is the rice well sealed or well ventilated? why choose”vacuum”Packaged rice?The rice vacuum packaging bag has high barrier properties. The vacuum packaging bag achieves high barrier effects such as oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide odors through the compounding of various materials and the performance difference of plastic barriers.Vacuum packaging bags can protect the rice in relatively humid conditions, so that the rice will not be damp due to the weather, and it can also maintain the original taste of the rice, so that the use time of the rice can be extended, so that you can Enjoy your delicious rice for a long time.The role of rice vacuum packaging: 1, Guaranteed quality and quantity, green and environmental protection, stable activity of rice; 2, Moisture-proof and moisture-proof, lock in moisture, maintain the freshness of rice, and lock in the original taste and nutritional value of rice before opening the bag for consumption. 3Anti-dust, anti-odor, anti-mold, anti-insect, anti-oxidation and microbial growth, especially to prevent mildew and deterioration, bacterial growth, and resistance to the strongest carcinogens——Aflatoxins.In fact,”vacuum”It’s packed with rice”hibernation seal”design!Rice has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide. After it absorbs carbon dioxide, the packaging bag will become tight, similar to a vacuum, which can effectively inhibit the activity of respiratory enzymes and catalase in rice, reduce the respiratory intensity of rice, and prevent Fat oxidation and breakdown. It can be understood that rice is in”hibernate”state, its shelf life has naturally been effectively extended.How to store the rice after opening?Once the vacuum packaging is opened, the barrier effect of the vacuum packaging will be invalid. At this time, it must be placed in a dry container and sealed again, or refrigerated.The taste of rice that has been left for too long is not as good as that of newly bought rice, and its nutritional value will also decrease. It is recommended to eat the bought rice as soon as possible, which has the highest nutritional value.Although it is good to seal the rice, what should I do if the vacuum-packed rice leaks air?Although the rice vacuum packaging bag has good puncture resistance, because the grain is relatively hard, friction will be caused between products during transportation, and then air leakage will occur. Many people suspect that the rice has gone bad or bought fake products, and they can’t even eat rice happily.During the express delivery or delivery process, rice will cause friction or collision due to its own weight and accumulation, which will inevitably lead to air leakage or loose rice bricks or rice leakage, but it will not affect the quality and taste of the product, so you can eat it with confidence.

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