The Skills to Custom Pet Food Packaging Bags

July 1, 2022

The Skills to Custom Pet Food Packaging Bags

The design of the pet food packaging bag is a complex system engineering like the design of other packaging bags. Process materials, such as materials that meet cooking conditions, and have good heat-sealing properties to ensure shelf life. On the premise that the packaging quality is up to standard, it is also necessary to pay attention to the sustainability, convenience, and differentiation of the packaging. Unique packaging forms are enough to attract consumers, so what are the common packaging forms, Let’s see below!

Pet Food Packaging Bags

1. From Material: Aluminum Foil Pet Food Packaging Bag

Pet food usually requires good airtightness, good barrier performance, good waterproof performance and good puncture resistance of the packaging bag. If you use pet food aluminum foil packaging bags to package pet food, this trouble can be greatly reduced. This kind of has strong pressure resistance and is not easy to break. The second is that it has better barrier properties, which can prevent pet food from getting wet and deteriorating. The pet food aluminum foil packaging bag has a very good airtightness. In addition to ensuring that the pet food will not leak, it can also ensure that the pet food will not deteriorate for a long time and maintain the original efficacy and quality. Compared with other packaging aluminum foil, the cost of packaging is higher, and it is generally used in inner packaging products with higher production process requirements.

Pet Food Bag Manufacturer
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2. From Bag Type: Stand Up Pet Food Packaging Bag

Now more and more manufacturers like to choose square bottom Bags and stand-up pouches as pet food packaging bags. Compared with other bag types, these two types of bags have better stability, and they have better stability when displayed on supermarket shelves. Show advantage. Eight-side seal bags have more display surfaces than other bags. It has a total of 5 sides to display. There is more information to be displayed on the food packaging bag, and the two display sides of the ordinary bag are slightly insufficient. The 5 display surfaces of the eight-side sealing bag have sufficient space for brand image design. And generally, this self-supporting packaging has a zipper design, which increases the convenience and utilization rate of the packaging.

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