What are the advantages of CPE bags?

August 3, 2022


What are the advantages of CPE bags?

The raw material of the CPE bag is LDPE. Plastic bags made of CPE have a matte texture and are milky white and translucent, and are often used to make zipper bags for clothing and flat pockets for electronic products.

Compared with other plastic bags, CPE bags are softer and more elastic, not easy to burst, wrinkle and deform, and can effectively prevent scratches on the surface of the product due to the friction between the product and the bag, so it is now mostly used for electronic products. Internal dust-proof packaging. And because of its unique texture, it is also widely used in the packaging bags of many high-end clothing brands. We provide customized services for customers, so CPE frosted bags can also be printed with beautiful logos.

CPE bags (2) CPE bags (3) CPE bags

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