What are the advantages of Mylar bags?

July 13, 2022


What are the advantages of Mylar bags?

Mylar bags are the best long-term storage method for dry foods like rice, beans, and flour. When done correctly, some foods can even last over 10 years!

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In food storage, particularly for the long term, it is commonly found as a laminate with Mylar as the top layer, a very thin aluminum foil in the middle, and one or more other types of plastic films on the bottom acting as sealant plies. This laminate combination possesses a high resistance to the passage of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, other gasses, and water vapor and is what makes it valuable for our purposes. Unfortunately, it has poor puncture resistance so it must be used as an interior liner for more puncture-resistant containers rather than as a stand-alone package. Food grade aluminized Mylar complies with US FDA requirements and is safe to be in contact with all food types except alcoholic.

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