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What are the cooperation steps for custom packaging bag?

There are many people have the need for customized packaging, but they do not know how to customize the packaging. The steps of packaging customization are very simple, but the price is not achieved overnight. Today, I will carefully organize the customization steps for the customer who need private customization.

Step One: Send Inquiry and Get Quotation

The price is the most concerned issue for everyone. The price of Yongliantai packaging for customn packaging bags is very strict. Many customers directly take the picture of the packaging bag and ask how much is the bag?

It needs to be explained here that there are many parameters for custom packaging, such as bag type, size, material, quantity, thickness, etc. These parameters are all essential, only one or two of them come to inquire, we cannot give a comprehensive quotation. . If you need to place an order quickly, the customer needs to report the above parameters to our sales.

Of course, if many people want to make bags, but they are unfamiliar with these parameters and don’t know how to give the parameters, they can also ask the customer service to recommend suitable parameters for you based on the properties and functions of your bags.

Step Two: Confirm Artworks

The confirmation of the artwork is generally carried out simultaneously with the consultation and quotation. Customers who have artowork will give the artwork firstly, and then let our customer service checking the price, which is also the most intuitive way to quote. If there is no artwork and want to discuss the quotation first, we will also give an estimated quotation first, but the final price will still be confirmed after receiving the artwork.

Step Three: Order and Production

After both parties confirm the customization requirements and pay the order payment, We will arrange the customer’s order for production. The process includes customer manuscript typesetting confirmation – printing – laminating – cutting – bag making, and the process generally takes 10-25 days ( depend on the details of your custom bags) .

Step Frour: Delivery and After-sale Service

The delivery is generally delivered by ordinary logistics. If the customer needs expedited or designated logistics, it is necessary to confirm with the customer service. The cooperation ends after the customer is satisfied after receiving the goods. If the bag needs to be dissatisfied (color difference, leaking bag, broken bag, etc.), you can contact the after-sales customer service to solve the problems. We will try our best to provide you with our best serivice and high quality products!

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