What are the packaging bags for cat food and dog food?

January 22, 2023

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With the gradual improvement of people’s material life, more and more families keep pet cats and dogs. Today, as more and more attention is paid to pets, the packaging of pet food has become particularly important. The quality of pet food packaging bags directly affects the quality of pet food. For pet food, design the size, shape and material thickness of the bag. 1:Size requirementsWhether it is a dog food bag or a cat food bag, the food for each small animal is different, the particle size is different, and the weight of each package is also different. Therefore, the weight and size of the bag must be determined first, so that a satisfactory product can be produced. 2:What are the bag shapes of pet food bags?Bag type of pet bag: flat bottom bag, four-sided bag, eight-sided bag, stand-up bag, etc. 3.The Importance of Sealing in Pet Food Packaging BagsPets have the same shelf life requirements. During the shelf life, pet food must be guaranteed not to deteriorate, taste, or lose nutrients. Many factors can affect shelf life, including preservatives, packaging, storage conditions, and more. Here we should pay attention to the sealing of pet food packaging bags.

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