What are the requirements for packaging materials for crispy fruit and vegetable packaging bags?

January 2, 2023

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Fruit and Vegetable Chips,As the name suggests, it is based on various fruits,vegetable as raw material,Leisure products in the form of bags or boxes after processing,There are puffed foods and non-puffed foods.These products are characterized by their high nutritional value,good taste,Convenience, etc..Consumers can eat their favorite fruit and vegetable snacks anytime, anywhere.From the perspective of the domestic market as a whole,Fruit and vegetable chips are a relatively new product category in the snack food market,It hasn’t been long in the market yet,This type of product is still in the stage of market introduction,Few brands or manufacturers of fruit and vegetable chips with marketing strength,Consumers are relatively unfamiliar with this type of product,The market size needs to be further enlarged.Consumer demand is growing, and crispy fruits and vegetables also have certain requirements for packaging materials 1, temperature resistance:Fruit and vegetable crisp packaging materials are generally able to withstand100℃ boiling water30Minutes is qualified, and it can also withstand low temperature. Paper is resistant to low temperature.40It can still maintain softness at ℃, followed by aluminum foil and plastic at minus30It can still maintain softness at ℃, and the plastic material will harden at low temperature. 2, air permeability:Suction bags, vacuum bags and other packaging must use low air permeability materials to maintain the unique aroma of food. 3, Water resistance: packaging materials also need to prevent water infiltration to reduce dry consumption. Due to changes in ambient temperature, this type of airtight packaging material is easy to fog on the material and reduce transparency. Therefore, the ambient temperature should also be considered during use. Variety. 4Light fastness: packaging materials and printing pigments for crisp fruits and vegetables must be light fast, otherwise the material will change the color of the packaging when exposed to light, reducing the value of the packaging.When we enjoy crisp fruits and vegetables, we should also pay attention to its storage requirements. Try to store them in a dark, normal temperature, and dry place to avoid them being eaten by insects or other phenomena that affect eating.

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