What are the tea packaging bags?

September 23, 2022


What are the tea packaging bags?

When it comes to tea, we are all familiar with tea, which has a strong aroma. When storing tea, avoiding humidity, high temperature, sunlight, odor, and oxygen is necessary. Because tea has strong moisture absorption and moisture resistance, tea merchants will choose a regular tea plastic packaging manufacturer, so what plastic packaging bags are generally suitable for tea? Tea plastic packaging bag manufacturers will tell you below. 

tea packaging bags

Design structure: BOPP/AL/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, KPET/PE

Design reasons: AL foil, VMPET, and KPET are all materials with excellent barrier properties and have good barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor, and odor. AL foil and VMPET also have excellent light shielding properties. The price of the product is moderate.

Bag Type: Stand up pouches and flat bottom bags are the most popular bag types for tea packaging bags. They have enough space for tea and can stand up by themselves.

tea packaging bags (2) tea packaging bags (3)

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