What is a child-proof zipper bag?

February 24, 2023


Child-proof zipper bag is a child-proof zipper bag with a side opening. The zipper cannot be opened by conventional bag opening method because it cannot be focused on the left and right sides of the sealed zipper, so the zipper can only be opened by holding the first bag face in one hand. Hand pinch the second side of the second bag, apply force to the outside, in order to make the seal zipper separated, so as to open the bag. Because it can effectively prevent children from opening by mistake, it is often used to package tobacco, so it is also called tobacco packaging bag. Material: PET/ laser film PET/VMPET/PE(can be customized) bag type: self-standing invisible zipper bag Use: tobacco, medicine and other packaging features :

Child-Resistant Zipper Bags (2)Child-Resistant Zipper Bags

1, good sealing, shading, waterproof, keep fragrance fresh.

2, the use of children lock zipper, effectively prevent children from opening by mistake, convenient and safe.

3, the use of special technology, the appearance of a very good visual appeal of the tobacco packaging bag made of laser film process, under the light has a super dazzling visual effect, very visual appeal, at the same time, the use of children’s lock to prevent misopening zipper, can effectively prevent children from opening, relatively safe.


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