What is a childproof zipper bag?

November 9, 2022


What is a childproof zipper bag?

A childproof zipper bag is actually a hidden-like zipper-lock bag. When you want to open it, you need to open both sides at the same time to open. Generally, children can not open it, so you can prevent children from accidentally eating or eating more, so foreign countries are mainly used for tobacco, marijuana, and other packaging, also known as tobacco packaging bags. Now more for packaging snacks, candy, and pills, to prevent children from eating more.  

childproof zipper bag (2) childproof zipper bag

There are two common anti-children zipper bags:

1) child lock zipper bag; is opened by a latch.

2) An invisible zipper bag; is opened through a three-point misalignment. Both can effectively prevent children from opening at will. Avoid children accidentally eating dangerous items, causing injury.

Anti-child lock zipper bag product features:

1) designed for children’s locks, children are not easy to open

2) sealing to strengthen

3) beautiful and practical 

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