What is the custom process of “packaging bag customization” food packaging bag?

December 9, 2022

Feynman yltpacking.com

“What is the process of customizing food packaging bags?” Food packaging bag customization can be divided into 9 steps, namely: design, plate making, printing, compounding, curing, bag making, quality inspection, warehousing, and shipment. Next, yltpacking will tell you about the process of customizing food packaging bags! 1. After the specification, material, thickness and bag type of the designed food packaging bag are determined, the enterprise designer or professional design and production team should make design drawings based on these data. During the design process, reference suggestions should be given, and the bag type should be finally determined. During the design process, special attention should be paid to the information on the packaging bag, such as: manufacturer name, ingredients, product introduction, place of origin, net weight, specification, food label number, QS certification, hygiene license number, production date, storage conditions, shelf life, Edible method, manufacturer’s name, address, product barcode and contact number, etc. Must include QS and barcode! 2. After the plate-making manuscript is completed, professional technicians need to color-separate the pattern and repair some unclear places. At the same time, more than a dozen processes are required to complete the plate making, so I won’t explain it in detail. 3. After the printing materials are ready, use a high-speed printer to print the surface film. In the printing process, each color has a plate cylinder, and the engraving of the plate cylinder is concave engraving. 4. After composite printing is completed, the easily heat-sealable surface film and inner film are compounded with special glue in a high-speed peritoneal machine. 5. After curing and compounding, it needs to be cured in a curing room above 45 degrees, so that the packaging bag is not easy to delaminate. 6. After the bag is solidified, the production of the packaging bag has ended. At this time, certain skills are necessary. Technicians must ensure that the color printed packaging bags are well sealed and airtight. 7. Quality inspection The main items of packaging bag inspection include specification size (length, width, thickness), appearance, overprint error, color difference, peel strength, heat seal strength, etc. The length and width are measured with a ruler, and the thickness is measured with a thickness gauge. The color difference is mainly checked with a standard stamp sample, and the color difference at a distance of one arm should be consistent. Currently, in terms of color, yltpacking will also use a 50x magnifying glass to double check the color of the print. In general, colors are made up of dots one after the other. If the color is wrong, the dots will appear in an irregular distribution. Generally speaking, the dots printed by yltpacking are regular circles. Overprint errors are mainly checked by visual inspection for double-sided printing. Peel strength and heat seal strength are mainly tested by AGS-5KG electronic universal testing machine. The detection principle is the same as that of the computer tensiometer. 8. The plastic packaging bags that pass the quality inspection of the warehouse should be packaged and put into the warehouse for unified management, so that they can be shipped later. 9. After the shipped food packaging bags are put into the warehouse, yltpacking will contact the customer immediately, deliver the goods to the door for the short distance, and carry out high-standard logistics distribution for the long distance. What is described above is “What is the customization process of “packaging bag customization” food packaging bags? “‘s entire content.

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