What is the laminated packaging bag?

August 24, 2022


What is the laminated packaging bag?

Our commonly used laminated packaging bags are made of two or more materials, and they are bonded together by glue. Its widely used for all product packaging, such as snacks, coffee, tea, pet food, and so on.

laminated packaging bag

And laminated packaging bag is with many benefits, let’s look below:

  1. The laminated packaging bag has the advantage of high strength: because it is a multi-layer material, the product has strong puncture resistance and tear resistance.
  2. The laminated packaging bag can resist cold and high temperatures: it can be sterilized at high temperatures and refrigerated at low temperatures.
  3. Beautiful appearance: it can better reflect the value of the product.

Fourth, good isolation performance, and strong protection performance, with the characteristics of airtight gas and water vapor, not easy to be invaded by bacteria and insects, has good shape stability, not affected by humidity changes.

laminated packaging bag (2)

  1. The laminated packaging bag has stable chemical properties and strong acid and alkali resistance. It can be placed for a long time, has strong tear resistance, and has a good packaging effect. The packaged items are not limited by shape and state and can be filled with solids and liquids.
  2. The processing cost of the laminated packaging bag is low, the technical requirements are low, and it can be mass-produced; the laminated packaging bag is easy to form, and the production raw materials are abundant and cheap.
  3. the laminated packaging bag has high transparency, and the laminated packaging bag is more high-end and atmospheric, and the laminated packaging bag has good insulation.
  4. the laminated packaging bag has high strength, good ductility, is lightweight, and has strong impact resistance.

laminated packaging bag (3)

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