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It is very suitable to use nylon material for rice, whole grains and millet vacuum bags, because nylon has toughness and will not make the packaged bags explode, and nylon is resistant to high temperature and puncture, which has many advantages. Nylon also has printing performance, and various styles of packaging bags can be customized according to needs. The four-sided sealed vacuum bag is usually made of outer bag and inner bag as a set of packaging. The inner layer is a transparent bag for vacuuming, and the outer layer is a decorative color bag for printing. Both of them must be made of nylon. , because rice, whole grains and millet are very heavy in themselves. The outer packaging bag is added with a hand buckle, and the color and size are determined according to the color and size of the packaging bag.The common bag type of rice bag is the four-side seal organ bag, and there are also three-side seal flat pockets, which are generally added with hand buckles. Various hand buckles can be selected and matched according to the color of the packaging bag. Different sizes and thicknesses are customized according to customer needs. of.The role of the aluminized bag is to avoid light and sunshade, which not only prolongs the shelf life of the contents, but also improves the brightness of the film. It is widely used in composite packaging.The outer layer of the packaging bag can also have various technical processes, such as composite brushed film, printing matte oil, etc. Different technical processes do not hinder the quality of the packaging bag, but are used to decorate the packaging bag to make it look more attractive. grade. The quality of the product is important, but the external packaging of the product is also essential. Choosing a good packaging can often bring unexpected effects to your products.