What kinds of rice packaging bags are there? Why are rice plastic vacuum bags plastic vacuum rice bags becoming more and more popular?

January 24, 2023

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Rice is a sacred crop in many cultures around the world and occupies an important place in the global food supply. But because it is too common, it will always look so ordinary. Recall the rice on the supermarket shelves. Rice packaging forms are various. According to the different materials used, rice packaging bags can generally be divided into ordinary packaging, vacuum packaging and inflatable packaging. three kinds. Rice inflatable packaging is based on cost considerations. Rice inflatable packaging bags are generally filled with carbon dioxide or nitrogen, which is colorless, odorless and non-toxic. According to a number of studies, the gas in the air-filled packaging inhibits the growth of microorganisms in the rice, prevents rice from mildew and insects, can effectively maintain the quality of rice, and extend the shelf life of rice products. However, according to the survey, some rice packaging bags that are inflated are often broken due to human factors or accidents during transportation, causing the protective gas in the packaging bag to leak out, thereby affecting the shelf life of the rice. Ordinary rice packaging The so-called ordinary rice packaging is what we used to see in the past. Plastic woven bags made of polypropylene and other materials are used as rice packaging bags, and they are usually sealed with sutures. In the packaging process, ordinary rice packaging bags often do not use any fresh-keeping technology, and the packaging materials have poor moisture resistance and barrier properties, rice is prone to oxidative mildew, and insect damage is more serious. The shelf life of rice is generally about three months. Rice vacuum packaging adopts vacuum packaging, which can reduce the oxygen concentration in the storage package, inhibit the respiration intensity of rice and the reproduction of mold, prevent rice from stale, moldy, and grow insects, etc., and better maintain the quality of rice. Due to the high degree of vacuum, the rice vacuum packaging bag will tightly wrap the rice, so it is easy to be punctured by the rice grains, resulting in the failure of the vacuum packaging. However, with the improvement of the circulation environment and the improvement of logistics technology, this problem has been well solved. At present, the rice packaging bags on the market use this packaging method as the mainstream. yltpackaging is a manufacturer of custom-made rice grain packaging bags, plastic bags, food bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, zipper bags, kraft paper bags and other paper-plastic composite packaging bags. The company is mainly engaged in various plastic color printing and composite flexible packaging Research and development, production and sales of materials. Main business of flexible packaging: various specifications of rice bags, pet dog food bags, cooking vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, zipper bags (self-supporting), eight-side seals, food packaging bags, seed pesticide packaging bags, poultry roll film, PE film Products: PE Aluminum-coated film and PE high-temperature cooking film products are sold at home and abroad. At present, customers cover domestic, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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