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Why is “Siamese cat” becoming more and more popular?

Netizens said: I don’t want to change cats after raising them. Let’s see what’s attractive.

  1. Look “unique”.

Their faces are thin, inverted triangular, and have large sapphire blue eyes. The most magical thing is that their hair color will deepen with the temperature. Holding them in winter is like holding a coal ball.

Siamese cat
  1. Can quickly adapt to the new environment.

This is one of their advantages. Even if you move, you don’t have to worry about their depression or their maladjustment.

  1. Smart and loyal.

Many times, they can well understand the meaning of the master and the orders given by the master; And once you are determined to be its master, they will die hard on you without worrying that it will betray you.

  1. It’s like having a dog.

So when you have a Siamese cat, you will experience what it’s like to have a dog. Because their energy is very strong, this is a cat that can go out for a walk like a dog, which can let you experience the fun of “walking a dog”.

However, it should be noted that it is also recommended to take Siamese cats for a walk.

Siamese cat (2)

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